Food Service Assistant  
SAQA ID Unit standard title UStd Info Level Credit
7793 Describe layout, services and facilities of the organisation Compulsory 2 1
7794 Communicate verbally Compulsory 3 8
7796 Maintain a secure working environment Compulsory 3 1
7799 Maintain a safe working environment Compulsory 2 2
7800 Maintain health, hygiene and a professional appearance Compulsory 2 1
PLUS Select at least 3 credits from the following:      
7740 Prepare and clear areas for table service Elective 3 1
7732 Prepare and clear areas for counter service Elective 2 1
7733 Prepare and clear areas for take-away service Elective 2 1
7737 Prepare and clear areas for room service Elective 2 1
7739 Prepare, service & clear function rooms Elective 2 2
7608 Handle and store cleaning equipment and materials Elective 2 1
7612 Handle and dispose of waste Elective 2 1
Suitable for learners who assist in the cleaning and preparation of food service areas and equipment. 
It is appropriate for those who work in table service, counter service, take away service, functions or room
service.  At this level the learner is not required to take or serve customer orders.